Oriol Jiménez

software engineer & devops

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I'm passionate about computers since I was a child, working with open source UNIX systems since 94 and focused on Web Development since 98.

Since 98 I was working for a wide range of companies from so many kinds. But all of them fit in two main categories: Software or Web Agencies and Internet Startups. Maybe the most remarkable, for their size and also because they are where I spent more time, are: Indra working for the ESA, Atrapalo and Grupo Intercom. In those companies I've played different roles around PHP development, from Backend Developer or System Administrator, through Software Architect, to CTO.

Actually I work at eDreams as Software Engineer and DevOps which allows me, at least right now, to spend all my time doing one of my favorite things: develop with PHP and play with UniX :)

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